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The beginning of a series of coins "the Designers of weapons"

2 Dec released the first nine of the 25-ruble coins of the series "Weapons of Victory. The designers of weapons", they all belong to the total series of "the 75th anniversary of the Victory". The first editions dedicated to the designer: V. G. Grabin, J. Kotin, M. I. Koshkin, B. M. Malinin, V. M. Petlyakov, F. F. Petrov, N. N. Polikarpov, S. G. Simonov, G. S. Shpagin. Each coin has a circulation of 1 million.


The coin "75th anniversary of the Victory"

29 Nov issued coins dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Victory of Soviet people in the great Patriotic war. Among them: bimetallic 10 rubles (circulation: 5 million) rubles 25 and 3 rouble silver and 50 rubles in gold.


A new coin from the series "Animation"

5 Nov released the next coin from the series "Animation" - "Santa Claus and summer" as the previous one, it exists in two versions - regular and colored. In addition, manufactured a collector's silver coin of 3 rubles on the same topic.


The site is hosted on the new server

The website was migrated to a new, more powerful server with an updated operating system. Please report all problems that could arise as a result of migration.


A new coin from the series "Ancient towns of Russia"

Issued new bimetallic coin of the series "Ancient towns of Russia" - "the Wedge". Circulation coins: 5 million


Coin from the series "Animation"

August 12, issued a coin "the Bremen town musicians" from the "Animation" in simple and color performance. The circulation of coins according to tradition 450 thousand pieces, in color - 50 thousand. In addition, out of the silver version of the coin of 3 rubles.


10 roubles "Kostroma oblast"

On 3 July, produced the following coin from the series "Russian Federation" , "Kostroma oblast". The coin is made of steel with a coating of two different metals. With a circulation of 10 million pieces.


Small bills will be upgraded

The leadership of the Central Bank announced the plan to modernize the 100 - and 50-ruble notes. Unknown at this time exactly how the new will differ from the old (model 2004), it was only about changing the composition of the paper and applying the varnish. Initially planned to be released only every third bill for new technology, and then gradually completely abandon the old one.


New bimetallic 10 roubles silver

8 may 120 produced by the bimetallic 10 ruble coin "Vyazma" from the series "Ancient towns of Russia".
In addition, it will be released the coin in denomination of 3 rubles "Manor Aseeva"made of silver in the technique of proof.


New silver coins

On 1 April the Bank of Russia releases a new collectible silver coins, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Museum-estate "Arkhangelsk": 3 rubles, 25 rubles


Website 10 years!

Today marks 10 years since the appearance of the site "Russian Money" on the Internet. Congratulations to everyone on this event!

Noting the first major anniversary, I want to summarize the work done and plan for the future. In recent years, the website is more and more moving towards the original goal of creating the most comprehensive reference to all the types of monetary circulation of Russia at all times. Hardly it will be possible to announce the completion of the work in this direction, because the goal is extensive, and information on coins and Bonham is continually updated (found a new species, confirmed by historical facts, and so on). However, it has collected almost all issues of coins and bonds for the last 300 years, including most known variants.

I want to thank everyone who helps in the realization of your goal. Thanks to you been able to demonstrate the appearance of the coins and coupons, as well as other forms of money. Corrected errors are supplemented description. Not much could have been done without the participation of collectors. We hope to increase interest in the site in the future.

The quality of information is a priority, and the material is presented so that it was easily digestible, not only for specialists but also for those who are collecting taking its first steps. All suggestions and tips for improvements are taken into account, the views that can be used for the formation of the catalogues.

It is also important to create a comfortable platform that would be pleasing to the eye and worked quickly. Constantly improving the internal structure of a website, invisible to users, but significantly affect performance. Due to this, each year the site becomes faster and more reliable.


25 rubles "the Crimean bridge"

On 12 March the Central Bank issued into circulation a coin of 25 rubles "the Crimean bridge", made of cupronickel. The coin is dedicated to the 5th anniversary of entering of Republic of Crimea and city of Sevastopol a part of Russia.


The Central Bank has changed its logo

The Bank of Russia announced the change of its logo. Now in most cases, will be represented a simplified version, made on the same pattern of I. Bilibin, as before, but with some changes: disappearing languages of the eagle, instead of a detailed drawing of the feathers will be a solid gray background. In addition, the logo will be used together with the name. According to the management of the Central Bank, in the near future it is planned to introduce a new logo on coins and banknotes.


The first coins of 2019

The Bank of Russia announced the release of 9 January of the following coins:

Investment: 3 rouble "George the victorious" (silver), 50 rubles "Saint George" (gold);

Collector's quality proof (silver): 2 rouble "V. Bianchi", 3 rouble "the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Leningrad";

Coin of base alloy with a nominal value of 25 roubles - "the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Leningrad" (with a circulation of 5 million pieces).


Happy New Year!

The website administration congratulates all users and visitors a happy new year 2019! Wish Supplement the collections of rare coins!


Coin on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Constitution of the Russian Federation

December 12 Russia marked the 25th anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution, and for two days before the Central Bank announced the release of a 25-ruble commemorative coins.


Section "Auction" closes

Section "Auction" stops working due to lack of demand among users of the site. In the future, advertising will be possible only in the section "Trading rows".
Adding new lots to the auction suspended. Lots posted previously will be active before the deadline and available to all participants. A list of completed trades and information on the closed lots will remain available on the page "Completed auctions".


Coins dedicated to the Winter Universiade in Krasnoyarsk in 2019

On 5 September, the Bank of Russia is issuing two 10-ruble steel coins with the image of the logo and mascot of the Winter Universiade in Krasnoyarsk, which will be held in February 2019: the Logo, the Mascot.


200 years of Goznak

4 September marked the 200th anniversary of the founding of the Expedition of storing state papers, later renamed Goznak. Currently, the organization is engaged in the production of all banknotes of Russia and the forms of state documents, includes two mint. In addition, Goznak does private orders and the governmental orders of some foreign countries.


A new coin from the series "Animation"

July 31 issued the third coin from the series "Russian and Soviet animation" in the usual and in color:
25 rubles (normal version)
25 rubles (colour version)

In addition, issued a silver collector coin with elements of print color: 3 rubles, "Well, wait a minute!"


Issued new silver coins

On 30 July the Bank of Russia announced the release of a new collectible silver coins:
"The 100th anniversary of the Ryazan airborne school"
"The 200th anniversary of Goznak" (3 br)
"The 200th anniversary of Goznak" (25 rubles)
"Creation Of Tintoretto".


Release of commemorative coins

June 4, entered into circulation as the 10 ruble coin "city" from the series "Ancient towns of Russia". In addition, a limited edition released 25-ruble coin of Nickel silver "international Military games" and technolawyer two collectible coins in proof quality: "Kazan Church in Vyritsa p.", "400 years of Novokuznetsk".


Issued bill for the world Cup in 2018

On may 22, announced the release into circulation a new 100-ruble commemorative banknote dedicated to the world Cup FIFA-2018will be held in Russia. For the first time in the history of the banknote has a polymer base and a traditional polymer banknotes transparent window. Like other commemorative banknotes of Russia, the images have a vertical orientation.


Coin from the series "defending the Fatherland"

On 3 may, the Bank of Russia is releasing a second coin denomination of 3 rubles of the series "defending the Fatherland".


Website 9 years!

Today our site turns 9 years old! Congratulations to all users and guests on this event!

According to tradition, is to take stock of the past year and much was accomplished:
1. Rewritten and updated 3/4 of all articles and directories on the website.
2. Completely redesigned the "History"section.
3. Added market prices for coins and booms over the last 100 years for different States.
4. Added new coins and coupons, updated several hundred photos.
5. The new design of pages, organized stretching the full width of the screen (this is especially true for screens with higher resolution).
6. Converted the path to site pages for better indexing by search engines.
7. Added many new features, partially converted the partition structure.

Thanks to all who participated in the completion of information!


Total: 113 news
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Total: 113 news
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